Used Tires


At Tire King, you can expect the best quality in all of our used tires, each having passed through an extensive quality control process at our warehouse, where each tire is filled up to its proper PSI and hand inspected for flaws or defects, to insure that all used tires fully meet our stringent safety standards. We go the extra mile for you and your vehicle.

Our used tires each sit in one of these two categories, each ideal for different needs:
Take Offs: Are a tire or set of tires taken off of brand new vehicles to accommodate the customer’s request for a different look or size tire of that vehicle. These tires have very low wear, typically with 95 to 100 percent tread life left.

High Tread: A high tread tire is a tire that has 75 to 100 percent tread life still on the tire. A perfect tire to match up with your all-wheel drive vehicle in need of replacements.

A call or visit to your nearest Tire King will help you choose the kind that is right for you.

One and Done

Contrary to popular myth, you do not have to replace all four tires when one is damaged on your 4WD or AWD vehicle. Our technicians can precision match a quality used tire with the same circumference as the rest of your tires. Absolutely no damage will will be done to your 4WD/AWD system!