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How to tell if you need new tires; tread down to the wear bars, uneven tread wear, tread separation, cracking in the sidewall (weather checking), visible metal threads, bulges or bubbles in the rubber, sidewall punctures.

If in doubt, stop by and we will check your tires for you!

If you need tires; you can call in with your vehicle year, make and model. We can look it up for you! Or, if you prefer, you can read your sidewall and tell us what you have on. How do you read the sidewall?

Reading a tire sidewall; for example, if your tire reads P225/60R16. The ‘P’ indicates that it’s a passenger tire; the 225 represents the width of the tire in millimeters; 60 is the aspect ratio (60% of the 225mm); the R indicates that it is a radial tire; and the 16 is the rim diameter.
If the tire is a LT265/70R17; the LT indicates that it is a Light Truck tire and therefore a heavier ply. The 265 is still the width in millimeters, the 70 is the aspect ratio of 70% of 265mm, it is a Radial tire, and the rim diameter is 17.

Mileage Warranties; many tires have a mileage warranty. This is the manufacturer stating that with proper use, alignment, inflation, and tire care, the tires should last the stated mileage. Most Duraturn tires come with a 45k, 50k, 60k, or 70k mileage warranty.

Tire King is an authorized Duraturn dealer. Duraturns are available in most sizes in Passenger, Light Truck, and Trailer sizes. We can also find almost all different brands, makes and models of tire to fit your needs.

All new tire sets include free rotations and cold repairs for the life of the tires.

Road Hazzard options are available for most new tire sets.

If you are interested in a tire and rim package, contact us for a quote.


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