Flat Repair

Flat Tire Repair Colorado Springs

“They told me that it can’t be repaired”, We have all heard that story from customers coming in after visiting another tire shop. Whether you hit a curb that popped your tire or it has a foreign object stuck in the tread. In our experience of flat tire repair, we have found that most can be repaired. Not only do we repair tires that others say cannot be repaired, we do it the right way. We take pride in patching your tire properly so the repair will last, no plugs used here.

In the occasions that the tire can not be repaired, and you have an all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive, we have an amazing selection of used tires to match tread depth.

I have a flat tire, now what?

Plug or patch my tires? – At Tire King we patch tires and do not plug tires. The reasons we do not plug is:

  • A tire plug is just what it sounds like – an object that is stuck into the hole of the tire from the outside into the tire and is usually not the same material as the tire. Of course, if you need to do this in an emergency and there is no other solution, it may work; depending on your skills to fill the hole. Driving speeds should be slow so as you can get to safety and a place to have the tire fixed properly. Remember that as the vehicle moves the tire heats up and will expand, and if the plug was not sealed up with enough adhesive, you may result in a tire failure, tire blow out if not even more damage to your vehicle. Carrying a spare tire in your vehicle will also alleviate the problem as what to use. A donut or spare tire will get you to where you can have your flat tire repaired by a tire shop. If you feel you need to carry a “Plug Kit” as a final resort, think about purchasing a repair kit like, “Slime Ultimate Tire Repair Kit” from an auto parts store.
  • Patching the tire is by far the best means of repair. The tire is removed from the wheel, the hole is located and a patch of greater size than the hole is applied to the inside of the tire with a suitable adhesive. Once the tire is mounted again to the wheel and air pressure is blown into the tire, the greater surface area of the patch will become a part of the inside wall and create the necessary seal over the hole. A patch is by far the best method for a standard tire repair.

COLD PATCH- The tire taken off the rim and the nail or foreign object is removed from the tire. The tire is then inspected. Once the problem area is confirmed, the area inside the tire is buffed down to ensure the solution adheres to the patch and tire properly. When you purchase Used or New tires through Tire King you can always count on this service being FREE FOR THE LIFE OF THE TIRES.

HOT PATCH - A Process using virgin Rubber to fill a hole or cavity of an injury done by a foreign object in a tire. Once the rubber is laid out properly a hot iron with heated clamps hold pressure on the wound for about 20 minutes to ensure a solid patch.

Can you repair a hole in my tire sidewall?

  • At Tire King we have seen many customers come in with an assortment of objects stuck in their sidewalls. Once the sidewall has been corrupted by a puncture your best bet is to replace your tire. Not only sidewalls but the shoulders of a tire are not repairable. Patches will not hold and further damage to your tire is more than likely. Repairs are generally limited to the center of the tread area on a tire.