Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service

An oil change is vital for any vehicle engine to ensure a long, healthy life. Keeping your engine happy and healthy will keep you (and your wallet) feeling the same. Tire King of Colorado Springs is able to provide you with a full-service oil change, where we not only change your oil but also do an overall general check of your vehicle.

Our experienced technicians performing your oil change will complete the following during your full-service oil change:

  • Change out the oil filter
  • Drain and remove all old and dirty oil from your engine
  • Add new and clean oil
  • Conduct a general inspection check of your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is working properly, and will continue to get you to your destinations safely

At Tire King we offer the following types of motor oil for our Oil Change Services:

  • Convention Oil
  • Blended Oil
  • Synthetic Oil

We are also happy to provide a lube change during your oil change. We will add necessary lube to the chassis, ensuring your vehicle’s engine is lubricated and ready to avoid unwanted friction and wear on parts.

While we do accept walk-in traffic for Oil Change, we highly recommend you set up an appointment to ensure we can get you in and out of the store in about 30 minutes. You can book an appointment online here.

What does oil do for my vehicle?

The oil your engine uses, provides lubrication to prevent wear and tear through friction the parts moving to make your engine run. The oil also helps to prevent your engine from overheating, the lubrication will help to minimize excess engine noise, and the fluid will help to prevent potential corrosion or rust in your engine. The oil works in collaboration with the oil filter to get rid of any contaminates within the engine. As the oil moves through your engine, the flow actually helps to keep your engine clean.

Why is an oil change important to do on a regular basis?

Oil is an absolute necessity for your engine to be able to perform well and helping to provide you with a reliable vehicle to get you to where you need to be. When you drive your vehicle, the engine increases in temperature, and the heat generated from the engine begins to break down your vehicle’s oil. Oil that has been broken down does not move through or work with your engine as well. Used or dirty oil moves much slower than clean oil, preventing oil from being able to cycle through your engine the way it needs to. Dirty and/or broken-down oil may result in your engine not being able to get rid of contaminates, excess noise coming from your engine, possible engine rust or corrosion, and even over heating of the engine. If you hear excess noise coming from your engine, there is a chance that there are parts moving without adequate lubrication, causing wear on those parts. Oil will minimize the wear on parts, hopefully preventing you from having to replace them.

How often should I have my oil changed?

Motor oil is essential for your engine to work properly and needs to be changed on a regular basis. When you prolong or avoid oil changes you are risking harming your vehicle and shortening your engine’s lifespan. Bringing your vehicle in every 3,000-5,000 miles will ensure your engine has enough quality, clean oil to continue to run properly.

We proudly serve the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Contact us by phone at the location nearest you to schedule your next oil change or make an appointment online. We are looking forward to serving you and servicing your vehicle!