Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair & Replacement in Colorado Springs

Transmission Repair Colorado Springs

One of the most complicated and detailed parts of your vehicle is the transmission, which is what your vehicle uses in order to shift gears and provide the power your vehicle needs to move, getting you where you need to go. Here at Tire King, we are proud to offer Transmission Repair and Replacement Services. Our Master Mechanic, Randi, is an experienced industry expert and is ready and fully capable of helping you with any of your potential transmission needs.

What is included under our umbrella of Transmission Repair and Replacement services?

The following is a list of some of the services we currently provide for transmissions:

• Clutch Maintenance and Repair
• Electrical Diagnosis
• External Diagnosis
• Fluid and Filter Check and Replacement
• Transfer Case
• Transmission Band Adjustment
• Transmission Cooler
• Transmission Lift Inspection
• Transmission Pan Exam
• Transmission Rebuild
• Transmission Replacement
• Transmission Reseal
• Transmission Road Test

Tire King services, repair, and replaces automatic, manual, and 4-wheel drive transmissions. Each transmission tends to present a different set of clues as to what may require maintenance. Our experienced staff is able to create a plan of action specific to your vehicle’s transmission.

How do you know if you need your transmission repaired?

Transmission Slipping
This is when driving in a specific gear and then it seems to shift to a different gear without reason (lack of acceleration or deceleration). The engine can exhibit a different noise, usually high in pitch. Overall, your vehicle may seem to struggle to change gears, seem to not have enough power, or is not accelerating or shifting gears at the rate it should.

Leaking Fluid
Signs of fluid leaking should generally raise a red flag for you, but transmission fluid leaks are a very obvious sign that your car needs attention quickly. The transmission fluid is red and typically has a sweeter smell. This fluid is responsible for allowing your vehicle to shift. Transmission fluid does not burn up or break down like motor oil does, so if your transmission fluid is low, this is typically a sign that there is a leak. Acting quickly on leaking transmission fluid can help save you money in repairs.
Harsh or Jolting Shifts

If your vehicle seems to be a bit stubborn when shifting gears or when it does shift it doesn’t seem to shift as smoothly, this can be a sign that your transmission needs attention. You may even hear a louder noise like a “thump” or “clonk,” and sometimes may result in the vehicle feeling like it jolted while shifting.
Light Notifications

Most cars now have warning lights that provide a notification to the driver that there was an error found through a report in your vehicle’s computer system. Most cars have ones that can pick up on certain issues related to the transmission before you can even see, feel, or notice them. As with any of these warning light notifications, you should look into what they mean and act to repair your vehicle as soon as possible.

Movement Delay
If it seems like your vehicle is delayed in responding to how you are asking it to move, this could be a sign that you need to have your transmission looked at. Transmissions are initially designed and created to shift at the moment it is supposed to (automatic) or when it is told to (manual). If there is any sort of hesitation or delay, you definitely want to bring your vehicle in to have the transmission inspected. This is a huge red flag, as this is not just a vehicle concern, this is also a concern for the safety of you and those in your vehicle.

What can I do to avoid transmission issues?

Regular upkeep and preventative maintenance can help prevent you from needing to have major repairs on your transmission and even potentially prevent the need for a replacement. This not only can extend the life of your transmission but also prevent potential unwanted and unexpected breakdowns.

If your vehicle exhibits any of the above issues, make an appointment with Tire King to have your transmission looked at right away. Review your vehicle’s manual and keep up with any general maintenance recommended for your vehicle, including those recommendations associated with the transmission.

If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle, including potential transmission issues, give us a call. We have three convenient locations in Colorado Springs, and you can book your next appointment online here. We are looking forward to serving you and servicing your vehicle!